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What is Wireless Broadband?

Digital Forge wireless broadband is a high-speed Internet service delivered via wireless radio wave technology. It does not require a phone line and is transmitted from our own Access Points located throughout West Cork. Not to be confused with satellite broadband which has high latency.


Once we have verified line of sight from your house to one of the Access Points, we install a small antenna on the roof or chimney that is aligned to receive a signal directly transmitted from the Access Point. There is a data cable attached to the antenna which follows to the inside of the house. From there you can either plug directly into your computer or you can have a wireless router which will allow you to use laptops, smart phones and other wireless devices within the house.

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We will compare our coverage maps with your Eircode. If we are not 100% sure then we will send a technician to complete a site survey for you. There is no charge for this but we generally encourage our customers to schedule enough time to complete the installation on the same day as the site survey. This means we do not leave anyone waiting too long for their service. In some instances, you may need to trim a tree before we can return.

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We aim to have you installed within two weeks of a request.

Installation of the antenna, associated cabling, POE and power supplies is €99.

WIFI routers are suggested but optional and cost another €50.

If you are taking the optional Phone Service the handset & base are €65.

We now also provide professionally installed and serviced Mesh systems for larger or highly insulated homes – call for more detail.


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The Digitalforge Mesh Wifi solution offers fast and uninterrupted delivery of Wifi into every room. Ideal for larger homes, multiple storey homes and homes with traditionally hard to penetrate physical attributes such as thick stone or modern Ducon slab.

With more connected devices in our homes comes a need for seamless, fast and reliable connectivity. The average Irish home is not wired for data and trying to hardwire is costly and messy. The common alternative is to use extenders but so often these solutions bring as many problems as they resolve.

The Digitalforge mesh Wifi will create a single, unified and dynamic network that adjusts automatically to deliver the best possible connection to each type of device, whether it is a mobile, laptop or connected TV, all with one network name.

Expertly custom installed by our trained professionals and remotely managed by our technical support team in house. Call our offices for details.

The payment for the installation can be made to the technician on the day of the installation, alternatively we can deduct as a lump sum with the first direct debit.

The monthly fee is paid via direct debit and the technician will have the relevant forms and paperwork for you to complete the day of the installation. For VOIP customers any calls that are not free can be pre-paid by contacting our sales department.

How do I know that I am getting the speeds that I am paying for?

The technicians set the speeds on your antenna according the package you are taking on the day of installation. You can check your speeds at any time by using the following link test.digitalforge.ie  If you have any questions regarding your speeds or package, please contact the office and we will be able to advise you. Diagnosing the source of a problem within your internal network can tricky but we have the expertise to guide you.

The technicians set the speeds on your antenna according the package you are taking on the day of installation. You can check your speeds at any time by using the following link test.digitalforge.ie  If you have any questions regarding your speeds or package, please contact the office and we will be able to advise you. Diagnosing the source of a problem within your internal network can tricky but we have the expertise to guide you.

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Before you call our office, check that all of the equipment in the premises is plugged in and have power (look for lit LED’s) and if they do, power cycle both the antenna and router. Allow a few minutes after powering off and on. If this doesn’t restore service, please contact our office immediately.

If there is a general network outage it will be fixed quickly. If you have an issue with the equipment at your premises, we will try to determine the problem over the phone. If we cannot fix the issue for you remotely then we may need to send a technician and will always endeavour to schedule that as soon as possible. There may be fee applied depending on the nature of the problem and that can be discussed with our technical support or sales team in the office.

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Yes. If you don’t use webmail (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) you will need to make sure that your Outgoing Mail Server setting is set to smtp.digitalforge.ie and the technician will be able to help you with this on the day of installation. Otherwise you can call our technical support team and they will be able to help you.

You will get an automated email when you reach 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% of your download limit throughout a calendar month. If you don’t ever receive these emails it is probably because you don’t exceed your limits regularly. If you exceed 100% of your limit before the end of the month on a regular basis, we recommend you contact the office to discuss upgrading your package.

Over the years, new standards have been brought out for Wireless Networks, each far superior to its predecessor. Each new standard has had to remain backward compatible so your older devices will continue to work.

You may have a super speedy broadband connection and new Wireless router but if you still have older devices (computers, wireless printers, tablets or phones)

attached to your network, they can bring the speeds of the whole Wi-Fi network down by 50 to 80%
Also some range extenders and boosters can get Wifi to the furthest corners of your building but may do so at the expense of speeds. Call us about Mesh instead.

If you run a speed test hardwired to the antenna power supply and gets speeds that are significantly faster than the results you get when connected to the broadband via Wi-Fi, you should systematically switch off the older devices on your network until you find which device is the culprit and consider turning it off permanently.

We know what we are looking for in all Wi-Fi technology, what settings to apply, what works best & what is a fair price to pay for quality technology.

The routers we provide our customers are remotely upgraded for performance enhancements regularly by our technicians. Should you call our office with a problem, we can not only check & modify your antenna performance settings but your router too.

We recently performed an upgrade of all Digitalforge routers to enable smart sensing of interference. If your Digitalforge router gets interference from a neighbour’s router, it will automatically switch to an unused frequency upon next reboot.

If you purchase your router from a High Street electronics store, you are entirely responsible for its installation and upkeep – are you up to the task? We are!

FAQ's - Phone

We supply you with a Siemens cordless phone, charger unit and base station for the phone. The handset can live anywhere in the house within range to the base station. The base station will live where the cable from the antenna terminates within the house.

Router + Voip

If you have existing DECT cordless phones then we should be able to configure them to work with our system. Although this is not guaranteed we would estimate that 95% of existing handsets should be compatible. Alternatively, you can purchase additional handsets for 50 euro and our sales department will be able to help you with that.

Yes. You will need to fill out a port request form and there is currently no fee for this service. Alternatively, we can give you a new geographic number free of charge.

Like an ordinary telephone line, you just pick up the handset and place a call. The only difference is that you will have to enter the full area code for all numbers. Some dial tones sound a little different and some calls may take slightly longer to connect.

To access your voicemail please dial 171 on your phone. Type the password when prompted on the keypad of your phone. You can find your pre-set password on the sheet given to you on the day of installation. If you have mislaid the paper with your passwords, you can contact the office for a copy.
The standard setting is that calls will be forwarded to the voice mail system after 50 seconds. The time can be changed by us -Simply dial 1000 to call our support.
Calls which arrive at the voicemail system will hear your greeting or if not setup, the caller will hear the default greeting i.e. extension 5000 is not available. There are 3 different greetings. Unavailable, Busy and Temporary Unavailable. You can record your own messages by using option 0 from the main menu.
1 is your Unavailable Message (no answer to a phone call).
2 is your Busy Message (you are on the phone).
3 is your Temporary Unavailable Message (in case your account supports the Do Not Disturb feature).
To change your password please use option 0 from the main menu followed by option 5.

Login to the User Interface
To login to the User Interface go to our website. Enter your username (your 4 digit internal number) into the field “Number:” and password into the field “Password:”. Click the “LOGIN” button (provided to you on installation day)


Content of the “Account Info” Page
On this page you will find your account details at the very top. Please notify us in the event that any of your detail might change. In the section below that you will find your account number (Card Number) and your remaining credit. If you are running low on credit, dial 1000 and request a top-up


You can set up a notification to email yourself when a certain threshold is reached.


Use of the “Call History”
Following the link “Call History” will show you all successful calls of the current day. If you would like to see the current month or a particular day please make the selection accordingly in the top part of the page. Don’t forget to check the small tick box next to the date for this to work properly. You can also just list calls to a certain number by typing the number or part of it into the field “Destination”. Then click the “Search” and calls will be listed according to your selection


The “Call Simulator”
To find out how long your credit including free minutes will last or how much a call is per minute you can use the call “Simulator” The simulator does not actually call any number, it will only display the rate and the remaining minutes available to the number you type in.


Changing your password to login to the User Interface
To change your password please click on the link “Password” in the menu on the left. Then type your desired password in BOTH lines and click on “Save”. After you have changed your password successfully your browser will show you a notification.


Due to recent changes regarding GDPR we no longer offer the option to top-up using paypal or credit card. Please call the office by dialling 1000 on your Voip phone or 028 28983 during business hours and we will top you up over the phone. We will add any topup fees to your next direct debit. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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