Fair Usage Policy

Digitalforge Broadband is made available at a reasonable cost based on the principle of sharing resources among subscribers; the resources being the wireless connection and shared bandwidth. To ensure that all customers of Digitalforge Broadband have an enjoyable experience while using the Internet, we have decided to apply a Fair Usage Policy while maintaining the unlimited aspect of the service.

Broadband Usage Explained

What do you mean by “usage” and “quota”?

When you watch TV online, gaming, Facebook updates, emails, etc this transfers data across your broadband line. This data is termed “usage”. Depending on your broadband package (and therefore the amount you pay per month relative to other customers), your package will include a certain quota of usage that you can reasonably be allowed to use before we take measures to curtail your usage for the benefit of others on the network.

Are Digitalforge Broadband packages unlimited data or not?

We are very clear on this and operate no hidden fair usage policy. You can transfer as much data as you like without a hard limit on the data itself. If you transfer more than your quota, your service will be slowed down to make way for other users until the end of the calendar month. Then, your speed is restored, and your quota is reset for the next month. You can still download an unlimited amount of data at a lower speed, and at no point will you be charged more per GB for data usage or will you be disconnected due to data usage. You should also be aware that some other Irish market operators are promoting “unlimited data” but charge you when you reach a specific limit.

Why do you need to impose quotas at all?

Like cable or ADSL networks, our broadband network is used by many users, and various different parts of the network, like wireless transmission equipment, routers, fiber links, etc., have a finite capacity. Therefore it is only fair that light users do not pay heavily to subsidize heavy users. To share capacity fairly and to keep prices reasonable, quotas are used.

But I haven’t been online much, and my usage seems high.

All online activity contributes to your usage. For instance, if you left a background program running, like uTorrent, it could be uploading 24/7, or if your computer downloads updates, this would contribute towards your usage. Online video, such as Netflix, also contributes heavily. If you have no security on your wireless router, your neighbors may be using your broadband without your knowledge. Using P2P VPN apps like Hola, other users from around the world can also use your internet connection for any purpose (including illegal), so we do not recommend using them. Viruses or malware can also use your internet connection constantly without your knowledge. And don’t be fooled into thinking that small devices use less data than larger ones. A YouTube video uses the same amount of data on an iPhone as on a big-screen TV.

I know of another wireless provider that doesn’t have any quotas!

Our experience tells us that ISPs that don’t do any traffic management or quota-type system tend to suffer more from congestion, peak time slow downs, and packet loss. Our network has been carefully tuned over the years to give the best user experience possible. Part of this “recipe” is how we deliver traffic over the network, and we know that it is highly successful and well-received by our users. As long as you choose the correct package for your usage, you will enjoy higher quality. And remember – we never charge for excess usage and allow customers to switch up their package at any time without penalty.

For information on our packages, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office.

What is my data limit soft cap?

In our experience, 99% of customers never reach their data limit. For the 1% that do, their connection is slowed until the end of the month as to not affect the speeds of other customers.

BizFiber70/Fiber70 package – 500gb limit

BizFiber90/Fiber90 package – 600gb limit

BizFiber110/Fiber110 package – 700gb limit

We will never charge you extra or slow you down permanently like other providers do. If you are consistently reaching your limit, call the office at 028 28983.

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